In Memoriam

Have You Lost a Beloved Animal To Illness or Injury Or Have They Gone Missing?

Here at GoatWorld.com, we realize that your animals are most likely considered part of your family, whether pets, livestock or livestock guardians.  We know ours are. No matter how many you may have lost over the years of being a farmer, rancher or homesteader, loss is still never easy…we just learn better ways of coping once they leave us and some we never get over.  The purpose of this section is to give you a small, but lasting space in which to pay tribute to your animal passing over the Rainbow Bridge, Going to Heaven to be with God or whatever you may envision their death/passing to be. 

If  you would like your "furever" family member listed here, please follow the instructions listed below.  Send us your photo with a brief inscription, that we can include as a  caption for each photo. At a minimum, please include their name and the year of their passing. 

We originally began this page back in the year, 2000, but a lot of people simply weren't aware that it was even available as we had just put it up quietly and then honestly neglected to promote it as much as we should have afterward.  Recently, during our upgrade, we asked people which features they would like to see enhanced or improved and our "In Memoriam" page was mentioned as one they would like to see expanded.   Several long-time GoatWorld.com Members asked if they could still send their photos, even though it may have been several years ago that they lost their beloved animal. We said,"Of course. Let us see what we can do."

For now, we will be happy to accept one photo per animal with a small caption.  We have built a new set of galleries which we have sorted by year of passing/gone missing to fill with your photos.  You may submit as many animals as you would like, but for now we must limit the space to one photo per animal. In the future, once we get more of our site makeover completed and upgrade our space allocation, we may expand this section to allow more individual space for each tribute. 

Meanwhile, we hope this section will give you a quiet place online to stop by and reflect on the time you spent with each other. By submitting your photos, you are agreeing to let visitors also browse the galleries, so maybe your photo will remind someone else of their furbabies (or featherbabies) and inspire them to submit their own tributes.  Either way, we are happy to do this for you and hope it brings you joy. Feel free to share this link with your human family and friends.   Enjoy!

A Nightly Prayer

May you see your loved one in your dreams

each and every night

May they run and play in beautiful streams

or engage in fanciful flight

May you hug them close and tell them

how much you miss them so

And may they cover you with kisses

before you let them go…

We can’t replace the ones we lost

but we can hold their memories dear

By acknowledging the love you shared

the way you’re doing here.

– Pamela Pfalzbot, 2022


How Do I Submit My Photos Here?
Send your photo and about 3 or 4 lines of text to Gary in an email at: gary@goatworld.com
Be sure to put "In Memoriam" in the Subject Line and include your name, your animal's name, their cause of death and their date of passing.

A GoatWorld Memorial Prayer
by Pamela Pfalzbot

May those of you paying tribute here
To those who left you last,
Find the strength to see beyond the tears.
As you recall the days, the months, or years
That you spent with those who’ve passed…


May you vow to give your very best
To those still here, in testament
To those now gone,
Who gifted you with loyalty
and joy…

And to show the rest still by your side
That, though you’ll miss the ones that died…

You still will love them too…
Maybe not the same, but just as much
With a loving word or a gentle touch
With a softer voice or a kinder hand

Or a few more minutes
in each day
When you’re exhausted…

And they want to play…

That you’ll go that extra mile…

May you share with them your tired smile,
So they know that though there was no need
To try harder…

It was appreciated…
By you…their family and friend.

May you come to understand and learn
Before their time too comes to an end
How much they mean to you – large or small
How they capture our hearts and can touch us all
And though we ache with every death and fall…
They become quite often…after all…
Part of our families.



Despite their silly grins and angry frowns
And mournful looks when you’re feeling down,
Their escapes through the fence
That you thought was sound,
(Which they always accomplish when you’ve gone to town.)

I pray you’ll take some time to look around…
And notice them… do you…?

Their care often seems too much to bear
When we’re running here and going there,
But they really only ask us for our time,
And they do try to give us little signs,

When something isn’t right as rain
Or when it hurts and they’re in alot of pain…
They try to tell us…
But sometimes they can’t…
Not in time…

Sometimes the winds of change will blow
and neither we nor they will know
Why the time has come for them to go…

We cry and mourn,

‘Why weren’t we warned?

But go away they must.  ‘These things happen…

And all we can do is trust

That they have other work to do

Other souls for them to love

The way that they loved you!

The best thing you can do for them
And for all who their spirits touch
Is remember that when you are feeling low

Because you loved them so very  much…

Someday when things are really clear,
With no more pain and no more fear
And when the dust has begun to settle here…
You’ll greet them once again!

— Pamela Pfalzbot, 11/8/2000