"Uploading Your Photos and Articles" Sending us your photos and articles just got easier!

If you can't send us your pictures via email to gary@goatworld.com then you may find it more convenient tto use the method below:

Simply follow these easy steps!!
1) Using the Browse button, select the file from your hard drive by using the "Send Us A File" form located to the right. Once the file has been selected, click on the Send File button to send the file. (One file per send)

2) Once you have clicked Send File you should see a screen that says "Thank you for your file submission!" and will contain information in the form of "You uploaded one file, which was ?????? bytes in size." If you do not receive this message, try again. Use your "back" button to return to the orignal page and move on to Step 3.

Send us a file: Crediting Info

For the sake of uniformity and copyright protection, we ask that you please review our Photos/Articles Policy1. This section also contains information on how you may otherwise submit articles and photos to us.

3) Next, we need to get some information to assure that you are properly credited for your picture or article. Using the "File Information" form below, please fill in the appropriate information about your file. (Please note, this information is strictly confidential and is not used for any other purpose than adding your file to GoatWorld) Also, please be sure to select the GoatWorld feature where you would like your picture displayed - multiple features okay; all articles will be placed in the Articles section.

4) Please know, that when I add photographs to the GoatCards feature, I add them in blocks of five for purposes of formatting. Therefore, your submitted pictures may or may not show up right away. However, I have been working on the Newest Cards section which should allow me to add recently submitted photographs faster than before.

5) Once you have filled out the information form, use the Send Info button located beneath the form to send the information - You will then see a screen that tells you your information has been received sucessfully! You're Done!

Farm/Ranch Name:
Web Site:
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Simply select one or more answers by holding down the Control Key while left clicking with your mouse.
Additional Info:

1GoatWorld.com Photographs/Articles Policy
For the sake of uniformity, we have the following requirements for photographs:
For images sent as a file by email:
  • At least 400 pixels in width.
  • Height not to exceed 600 pixels.
  • .JPG,.TIF or .EPS format only.
  • Sharp quality please (no fuzzies).
  • Include your email address.
  • Include web address (if applicable).
  • Black or White & Color okay.
  • For photos sent by U.S. Mail:
  • Please include return address.
  • Sharp quality please (no fuzzies).
  • Include your email address.
  • Include web address (if applicable).
  • Black or White & Color okay.
  • If you desire your photos to be returned, please include return postage. Once we scan and post your photos, you have our permission to use the posted photographs for your own use on your web site as well.

    Crediting Info for photos/articles sent through our automated system:

  • Please let us know your name/email address so we can give you credit and a link.
  • Please include your web site address (if applicable) so we can give you a link.
  • Please let us know if it's okay to use the "photo" in our Postcard feature.
  • Photos sent without above information will be presumed "public domain" and used accordingly.

    Information and Copyrights:
    If you would like to send us information to be considered for posting, please include the Original Source of this information. If we encounter no reprint problems, we will then post your contribution in the appropriate section of GoatWorld.Com and include a "Courtesy Line." This line will show at least the source and the contributor with a text link to the contributor's web site, and where appropriate, a link to the source as well.

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