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  • Johnny Cashmere

    05/08/2022 - Happy Mother's Day 2022

    It's that special day when we celebrate our mothers and treat them with the love and respect they deserve. We really should be treating them that way everyday of the year while they are still in our lives. Once you lose your mother, father, or any other family member or special person in your life, life isn't quite the same without them.

    It's a challenge raising kids, two or four legged, but in doing so you gain a unique perspective on life itself from the eyes of a mother or father, but primarily mothers. In the case of goats, fathers can be mothers too by virtue of bottle feeding and caring for kids that have been taken from their own mothers for whatever reason. These 'kids' come into this world with certain requirements and demands that soon give you an insight of some of the same thoughts and feelings your own mother likely went through raising you through those crucial first moments of your life.

    I like to share with many people that you never really know the love that you can feel for goats until you have raised one from the very beginning. The care and nuture you provide that baby goat will create a bond between yourself and the goat that lasts a lifetime. Just as I remember every precious moment I was able to share with my own mother, I remember each and every moment that I've shared with the baby goats I've raised as well.

    My own mother never raised goats, but she would often remark that I seem to have a soft heart for animals just like she did with her cats and dogs. I'd like to think that I got that trait from her. Happy Mother's Day!

    Til' the next time I'm inspired to write...


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