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  • 09/16/2021 - It has been awhile since I've updated the GoatWorld web site as I have been rather busy with other urgent issues that needed my attention.

    I am going to be changing up the format here on GoatWorld somewhat in future updates, mainly for the reason that there has not been a lot of interaction with visitors over the past several months in regards to polls, headlines/articles/story sharing. Our daily visit data to the site show a large amount of traffic, and by looking at the specific statistics more closely, most visitors are coming to the site for information. So, I will have to make a few changes alog the way to hopefully get some interaction and input to the site instead of relying on 3rd party apps and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Just like those social media sites mentioned rely on advertising, GoatWorld relies upon advertising revenue as well to pay for our monthly server fees, not to mention the time spent on updating the site on a daily basis.


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